Half Regulars’ Table, Half Revolutionary

Nina Anika Klotz

Sebastian Priller-Riegele is head of the traditional Riegele Brewery in Augsburg. Still he is brewing somes decent craft beers and therefore living a life of “laptop and lederhose”.

The corner store indicator

Joshua M. Bernstein

Journalist and beer-author Joshua M. Bernstein tells us how to notice that craft beer has established itself as a big deal and become more than just a niche for geeks.

Cheers to the Gemütlichkeit!

Nina Anika Klotz

Maximilian Krieger from the Riedenburger Brewery and Brooklyn Brewery’s Garret Oliver created a cooperative craft beer. Its most important ingredients: A hand-imported New York ale yeast and heaps of Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”

The Devil Is In The Details

Nina Anika Klotz

With his Braukunstkeller Brewery Alexander Himburg became one of the first German craft beer brewers. Instead of brewing everything under the sun (darks, lights, sour beer…), the man from Hesse puts his trust in the importance of paying attention to details

A Bit of Peace

Nina Anika Klotz

Andreas Seufert has been around the world – only to return to the Rhön Mountains, where he founded a brewery five years ago.  Its name is kind of a souvenir from his travels: Pax Bräu